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40: Building trust, with Brad Arkin

October 29, 2021 Cisco Secure
Security Stories
40: Building trust, with Brad Arkin
Show Notes

On today's show our guest is Brad Arkin, Cisco’s Chief Security and Trust Officer.

Before joining Cisco (the very same day Cisco issued a work-from-home mandate in March 2020!), Brad was Adobe’s first Chief Security Officer. He grew the security function from just a few employees, to over 600 globally.

Early in Brad’s career, he co-founded the Software Security Group at Cigital and led the Application Security practice for AtStake. He was a pioneer in software security, helping code writers in commercial settings adopt a “built-in security” approach throughout the development process rather than treating security as an afterthought.

Since joining Cisco, he has led the company’s rapid global Zero Trust architecture deployment to over 100,000 users across 120,000 devices in just five months. He is focused on evolving the Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle and security governance models to help accelerate Cisco’s transition to software and services.

Also on today's show, we invite Mitch Neff from the Beers with Talos podcast to join us, to see if we can settle the score from our 'Would I lie to you?' episode which ended in a heart breaking tie.

As Ben tells his security career story, can Mitch win the title for his team? Or will he lose it all? Will anyone's dignity remain intact?

Plus, Ben has been visiting the database vaults and has some excellent research on the top threats encountered by Cisco Secure Firewall, and the Secure IPS component and Snort rules used to control and inspect the traffic on the network.

To see Ben's research in full, visit